Kitchen Design & Remodeling

The Kitchen Design & Remodeling is the heart of every home. So, you want it to be not only beautiful but also comfortable and effective.

At Kitchen Cabinet Fresno, CA you will meet an incredible team of enthusiastic designers who can offer various styles and designs for your kitchen. They will also help you to choose the one that best fits with your requirements, needs, and preferences.

Let’s look at Kitchen Design & Remodeling and imagine what a great choice we have.

Modern Kitchen

Sometimes the modern style can be a bit frightening because it is something that is opposite to traditional one and it seems to be time bounded. Maybe you think that if you choose modern style it won’t be acceptable from a few years ago. But that freshness and fascinating design, that uniqueness and individualism make you go for them. So, what to do.

With Kitchen Cabinet Fresno CA you don’t have to worry about how to create a modern style which will be unique and will catch the eye even a years ago. Our designers and construction specialists know what to choose and mix to create a truly exciting kitchen which will be actual for a long time.

Think how beautiful can be a flat-panel door on your kitchen and frameless cabinets. Another main characteristic of a modern kitchen is simple hardware integrated with the cabinets which give a very clean look and more free space. And the lack of ornamentation or glass backsplash emphasizes the clear and pure style of your kitchen.

Junior Leauge 2017 Decorator Show House kitchen for Artisan Kitchen & Baths

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen style can be referred to modern style because this style uses the elements that are modern right now. But as an addition to modern style, this one uses elements of other styles as well.

When designing this kind of kitchens Kitchen Cabinet Fresno specialists use cutting-edge technology, new materials, and trends. In your new kitchen, you will see new advanced features and better performance.

What we want in this style is that we can use your old material and turn it into a new stylish one. Just adding new colors, patterns and updated accessories will renovate your whole kitchen and transform it from traditional or classic one to a modern contemporary style. New improved storage solutions, a mix of materials (such as the wood, metal, and stone) and shapes, decorative lighting solutions will make your kitchen the place where you can spend a really good time with your friends and relatives in a new fresh atmosphere.

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Cottage Kitchen

This is not just a style, it is a lifestyle. If you are joyful, simple and happy and like cozy and free places, the style is for you.
You want to add some easiness in your life consider cottage type kitchen. You can fully trust the kitchen design specialists of Kitchen Cabinet Fresno CA, who knows how to get right this style. They will help you to choose the right colors, patterns, and other elements to gift you with comfort kitchen and life.

Now, let’s understand what our designers will use to get the style. First of all, it’s light smooth colors. Soft yellow or light khaki are the ones that can be considered. And what makes our life easier is open shelves which are very practical and make space feel larger. Remember hardwood flooring? Yes, they also can be used to complement the cottage style and give a sense of natural beauty.
So, you want some retro feel and vintage style turn to professionals to form Kitchen Cabinet Fresno. Sure they will create a one for you too.

Junior Leauge 2017 Decorator Show House kitchen for Artisan Kitchen & Baths

Classic Kitchen

The classic kitchen is actual for many decades and is very flexible. It always has neutral colors and simple details. Maybe you think that a classic kitchen can’t be individual and original. But we will help to choose unique details and accessories which will make your kitchen both original and timeless.

The basic element of the classic kitchen is white or cream cabinetry. This style gives a fresh and clear look where everyone feels comfortable.

Another common feature for the classic kitchen is simple architectural details. They usually have honed black or white marble countertops. Yes, marble has some maintenance issues but the beauty talks for it.
Another element of a kitchen that defines the style and look are doors of cabinetry. The classic kitchen usually has simple door styles. Raised panel doors are an exception for the classic kitchen instead you can see a flat-panel door.

Eclectic kitchen look is one of the hardest ones to achieve. It needs much effort and confident choices. In the process of making eclectic kitchen one can have moments of craziness and short of breath because of many details that doesn’t much with each other. But the unique and original style wants risks.

Eclectic kitchens are first a fashionable mix. Just think about the art that mixes any possible colors and styles with a lot of trials, mistakes, and editing.
If you want to put some unexpected tension in your eclectic kitchen try marble countertops, bright colors, farmhouse style cabinets or elegant glass chandeliers.

You can’t choose one of them or you don’t find the one you want also consider Traditional kitchen, Transitional Kitchen, Craftsman Kitchen, Farmhouse kitchen, Rustic Style kitchen. There are so many options.

Our kitchen designers know the elements for each one and can make them unique for you.

If you don’t like any of them we can create your own style or mix a few different ones. We will take your ideas and create a model for you. All you need to do is just contact us or schedule an appointment.