Bathroom Design & Remodeling

Bathroom Design & Remodeling

At Kitchen Cabinet Fresno CA we believe that a Bathroom Design & Remodeling should not only be a beautiful place where you can take a shower but also a favorite place in your house where you can relax and enjoy your time.
Considering your design, structure requirements and special needs we will remodel and transform the shower to make it a special place for all your family members.
Our Bathroom Services
Do you need a full Bathroom Design & Remodeling or you just want a new design for the shower? You can choose from a wide variety of our bathroom services:

Bathroom Design & Remodeling — Bathroom Styles

Bathroom Design & Remodeling may be a hard task, but not for us. Maybe you want to have a luxurious and fancy bathroom but you don’t have any idea what style, colors and design you want. That is not a problem for our specialists. We will offer you a customized and original style. You will have different options to choose, various colors, materials, structures and decorating ideas.
Based on their experience and skills design and construction expert ofKitchen Cabinet Fresno CA will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of specific materials, colors, and designs. Also, they will help you to get a design that better suit your space.
We have everything you need, from small bathroom solutions to a great guide for colors. So, be sure that your choice with us will be the best.

Different Bathroom Design & Remodeling are there to satisfy any homeowner with various preferences. Whether you like the modern or traditional style we can manage or maybe you want a combination of different styles.
Just look at the wide choice that you have.

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Modern style

Modern bathroom ideas
Bathroom with tropical-print wallpapers.
This is a very interesting and different style. If you love to be original and not like to anyone else this can be a very good idea for you. We can together choose a fascinating pattern even with a beautiful animal pattern. Which one do you love: parrot, tiger or maybe a horse.
Clean look
We can create a design with has a simple but gorgeous look. It can be white or grey with a clutter-free shower room. Here we can also put a handy hidden storage, which will be very comfortable and will keep the clear look of your bathroom.

Woody warm style
Natural wood in the bathroom is very specific style but has many lovers. The wood adds interest to the white tiling. Moreover, if you also put a rainwater shower to this bathroom you will get the real attic style.
Large freestanding bathtub
This is a very good idea for those who love to take a long shower and relax in a comfortable large bathtub. Don’t worry about the space, if you think you don’t have enough space for this style we also have the space-saving option.

Black bathtub
Have you ever seen a black bathtub? It is an amazing look especially when you make the whole bathroom black and white. And yes, red accessories make eye-catching vision which adds impact and interest.
More colors
White bathroom goes well with all colors. If your bathroom is white in general, you can add a little orange, blue, red or green accessories or color some parts of the walls with them.

Country style

Country bathroom ideas
Wood paneling and wooden stool
Nothing is more simple and beautiful than the classic country bathroom with wooden parts and accessories. This traditional look will have the best effect especially when you use a light-colored bath for brightening the room.

Large iron tub
Another idea for country style, which ensures that Country style, is not yet the simplest and humble one. Want to have a strong statement and individualism then this could be a very appropriate option for you.
White wood and green color
This is a very clean and simple style where you can relax and spend much time. The light and simple colors are eye-catching, especially for traditional style lovers.

Traditional bathroom
Creating a traditional but new style bathroom is very difficult. Making own right decisions for this style could be very difficult. In addition, if you want to have a traditional bathroom, which will be in trend, turning to professional designers from Kitchen Cabinet Fresno will be a great choice.
Traditional bathroom with wooden effect
When we add wooden floors or wooden toilet to your traditional white color bathroom, we get a very interesting and comfortable place to relax after a long working day.

Look what an amazing bathroom you can have with our specialists.
If you want your specific style, they can create it. Just schedule an appointment with our specialists and let them transform your bathroom to make it a special place in your house.