Residential and Commercial Cabinets

Residential and commercial cabinets
Residential and commercial cabinets

The most important part of our kitchens is cabinets. Whether it is our house, our office, restaurant, etc., we need to have beautiful and comfortable cabinets to make our lives easier.

Kitchen Cabinet Fresno CA offers a great variety of quality and beautiful residential and commercial cabinets. We can create the one that will match all your needs and preferences. Together, we can create fully customized cabinets. We can cope with any challenging task that you have and gift you with custom kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.

For us, the most important thing is the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.
Our specialists will transform your residential or commercial place to express your uniqueness and creativity.

Here work experienced craftsmen who will carefully listen to your needs and make an option that will fit your budget.
To deliver a good quality in every work we use the finest material and new technologies that maximize durability and functionality of cabinets. Our craftsmen use various wood species, specialty materials, metals, and stone to create a look that you wanted.

We serve clients throughout Fresno, CA, as well as Clovis, CA.

The important factors

When it comes to cabinetry, a few factors are important for quality and for your budget.

  • – number of cabinets needed,
  • – door material & style,
  • – storage options and accessories,
  • – the type of cabinetry.

For us, it is important that you know what you get for the price. And we try to deliver the product that works tomorrow as well as it works today.

There is a great choice for style and material of cabinets.
We can help in an understanding of all options and making a good choice for your resident.

Wood Cabinetry

Residential and commercial cabinetsWood is an option for those who admire the natural beauty of the wood and loves the classic style. It is always actual and never loses its place in the most loved styles of cabinets.
You can choose from oak, walnut, alder, beech, knotty, etc.

Wood Types

Choosing the right wood type is very important.
At Kitchen Cabinet Fresno CA, we understand all types of wood, their advantages, and disadvantages. Our experience and knowledge will help you to understand the best option for your cabinetry project.

There are three important factors that you should choose for your wood cabinetry:

– Wood type.
The main types of wood are hard and soft. Oak, hickory, maple, and birch are hardwood, pine, cedar and spruce are softwood.
– Color.
Wood has great variations of color from the light maple to the dark cherry. There are many beautiful possibilities of natural color for your cabinetry.
– Grain.

It is all about various patterns and texture of the wood. Every tree and even every part of the same tree has its unique characteristics and design. The common patterns are spiral, straight, wavy, cross, curly.

Characteristics of Wood Types

Now, let’s see the characteristics of each wood type:


Type: the softest type of hardwood, fine grain pattern,
Color: from pale pink-brown to tan.
Other characteristics: open and closed knots, worm holes, mineral streaks.


Type: medium hardwood, straight, wavy or curly grain.
Color: from creamy off-white to light reddish-brown.
Other characteristics: resistant and durable, clean look.


Type: hard and heavy wood, coarse grain varying from straight to a distinctive sweeping arch pattern.
Color: red, white.
Other characteristics: always actual, looks good with standard finish colors.


Type: Smooth hardwood, straight, wavy or curly grains,
Color: light, from cream to light yellow.
Other characteristics: high resistance, unique color variations.


Type: hard, strong and heavy wood, natural streaks.
Color: from light cream to dark reddish brown, sometimes even black.


Color: smooth grain and unique color, sometimes a shade of white, green, gray.
Other Characteristics: expensive, luxury wood.

Finished techniques

Burnished finishes

If you prefer a warm and traditional look then this one is for you. For this type of maple, cherry, birch, and hickory can be used.

Stained finishes

Stained finishes keep the natural color and beauty of the wood. And the wood grain, knots or mineral streaks become more prominent creating lighter or darker effects. Available woods for this style are hickory, oak, maple, birch, and cherry.

Painted Finishes

Gives a rich, beautiful color to any cabinetry. For this types mainly used woods are maple and oak.

Paint/Glaze finishes

To have a strong consistent color coverage a wood is painted with the base color, then with a flood coat of glaze and finally, the highlight glaze is applied. This unique technique makes completely different doors, so you can’t find two same ones.
The technique can be applied to maple, oak, cherry, birch, and hickory.

There are many other finished techniques, that you may be interested at. Some of them are distressed finishes, stain/glaze finishes, thermofoil finishes, vintage finishes, etc.

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